When Jane was 18 her mother suggested they attend a Yoga Class at the local church hall. "I had no idea what I was going to! However, I was immediately inspired by the vitality, radiance, agility and joyousness of the teacher - who was 74! Since then, yoga has been a constant in my life. 

What is Yoga? An ancient system of health promoting practices for the body, mind and spirit. that can be adapted to suit anyone, regardless of fitness, flexibility or the lack of it. Improve your sleep and reduce stress with regular yoga classes. All classes are beginner friendly!


Why Yoga? Hatha Yoga is any form of Yoga using postures and breath. Experience a balanced set of yoga postures in every class, take the spine through the full range of movement, strengthen bones and also tone muscles. However, there's more to you than just arms and legs; so all of our classes combine physical postures with breathing, relaxation and mindfulness practices. The class ends with a relaxation practice - you'll feel revived and calm.


Start where you are. Do what you can Anyone can start a yoga practice, even if you don't feel flexible or strong. What ever your age or current physical condition, a yoga practice can improve your overall health. Moving your body, focusing your mind and learning to breathe properly can transform your life on and off the mat.


Yoga encourages self-care People come back to yoga for the peace they experience at the end the class. You may start to feel better the first time you try it. The more you commit to regular classes, the more you benefit. This results in 3 things: You get involved in your own care; you discover that your involvement gives you the power to effect change and seeing that you can effect change gives you hope. And hope itself can be healing. The long, slow stretches induce a sense of wellbeing and relaxation throughout the practice. Yoga’s many benefits include stress reduction, breathing efficiency, awareness, improved posture and bone strength just to name a few.