What We Teach

FLOURISH YOGA classes include physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation practices in a holistic yoga system designed to support the ‘whole’ person. 

Physical practices: safety first

Physical postures are performed in a non-competitive atmosphere with an emphasis on safety and self-awareness. Postures invigorate your body, develop strength, flexibility, endurance and remove tensions from your body and mind.

Breathing practices: instant calm

The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. Breathing practices, balance and expand the life force flowing through you and by integrating body and mind induce deep relaxation; easing physical, mental and emotional tensions

Meditation practices: inner peace

Practices cultivate awareness, calmness and a deep sense of inner peace. You gain a greater understanding of your inner nature; develop your will power, concentration and the potential for personal growth.

Relaxation practices: time

Relaxation practices release stress in your body and mind, re-charge your energy and promote healing. Each class concludes with a technique that deeply relaxes and rejuvenates you.