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Offering a variety of affordable yoga retreats suitable for everyone. Whether it’s for a day in Sydney, or a weekend in the Blue Mountains, or a week or more overseas, we weave together the magic of yoga, meditation, nourishing food and great company to create a truly transformational experience.    

A Regular Retreat - Essential for Wellbeing

To physically retreat means to take a step back, to withdraw to a place of seclusion, shelter or privacy. A holiday and a retreat are two different things. Holidays are temporary distractions from our responsibilities and routines and any sense of peace and quiet we may achieve can be quickly eroded when we get back.


A yoga retreat gives you time to step out of your everyday life and re-focus on the things that matter most. Rediscover your centre, balance your body and mind and experience a deep inner calm and focus. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practising the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives. 


During retreats we take stock of what we have been doing and notice which of our resources are most depleted. Once we become centred again we are able to mindfully replenish ourselves. The ideal balance of energy for the body and food for the soul. The perfect opportunity to enjoy a break from the routine and commitments of your daily life. A time to allow yourself to simply be. 


 Retreats also include guided meditation and inspirational talks on the timeless wisdom of yoga and how you can add mindfulness to your daily life. You will leave thinking clearly and feeling great.

What some participants had to say:


Business owner and mum of 3

"This Bali Retreat has helped me clarify my vision and belief in myself in a profound way. It's like a detox and cleanser for the body, mind, soul and heart. I feel inspired and discovered a lot about myself. The carefully planned programme meant I could relax, unwind and experience the peace and tranquility of local Balinese life".



Sydney, NSW

"I learned how to relax, slow down and appreciate things we sometimes take for granted. I had never done yoga before! However I found the yoga mixed with activities was a great balance, making our stay exciting and energetic too. This is a fantastic way to become connected with yourself, life and with friends. I thoroughly recommend it"


Sydney, NSW

“I needed space and time to take stock of where I am and where I'm headed. The Bali Retreat and particularly the yoga, allowed me to achieve this. Now, with a clear mind I am able to move forward on the exciting path ahead. I am glad I took the time - the retreat certainly exceeded my expectations” 

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