India Tour Testimonials


Jane puts care and attention into every detail! Each moment of the tour was amazing, far beyond my expectations! My senses were alive with wonder, delight and passion. Exceptional VALUE FOR MONEY - I have experience in the travel industry and this was the best value trip I've ever done. Jane passionately shares her love and knowledge of India with heart and soul. The common thread of Yoga made for a harmonious group, and with each detail tended to we could immerse ourselves in the journey which opened our hearts and minds as we enjoyed each other and fell in love with India! Thank you Jane for this soul awakening, life changing adventure. I will most definitely book again!    Business Owner


I chose Flourish Yoga's Spiritual tour of India, because I wanted to discover 'the real India' yet I was not prepared to travel by myself. This well organised and thoughtful tour exceeded my expectations. I returned home restored and culturally richer! Being on a fully escorted tour with Jane I felt comfortable and safe. The spiritual part of the tour was fascinating and deeply moving, the sights and locations were incredible, perfect for discovering the heart of India. Being in a like minded group was fun and reassuring. The yoga classes and workshops were a welcome balance to the bustle of India. I highly recommend Flourish Yoga retreats. I will definitely do another one.   Sales Manager


What a fun filled, nourishing and amazing trip with Flourish yoga. India is full of surprises and Jane takes in the passion and history of India while providing an oasis of calm and daily yoga in a variety of amazing locations. The yoga philosophy workshops are well thought out and expertly run. Sensitive to individual and group needs, Jane is flexible enough to make changes in itineraries as required. I've been twice to India with Jane, what ever your travel experience I would certainly recommend a Flourish Yoga trip.  IT Consultant


If you have a desire to go to India - go with Jane! She made this the most WONDERFUL trip. India is the place to open your senses and shift the boundaries of your comfort zone and get a fresh perspective on life. India is a never-ending experience of vibrant colours, exotic food, magical palaces, forts, temples, mosques, and ancient monuments. I had many life changing and heart opening moments. I loved every minute! Corporate Banking


My trip to India with Flourish Yoga was truly life changing. Jane weaves her beautiful blend of yoga and an itinerary of spectacular Indian palaces, places and people into a memorable trip. Jane's organisation is seamless, everything is arranged to perfection with flexibility, mindfulness and attention to detail. Before the trip my life was on 'auto-pilot', however my experiences in India re-ignited my passion and opened my heart again. Everything I thought was impossible was possible again, my mindset changed and I gained confidence and found myself again. I highly recommend a trip with Jane, this is my second and I am eagerly awaiting the next!  Art Gallery Manager


I would wholeheartedly recommend joining a retreat with Jane to India. I was part of a friendly, dynamic group of people who bonded deeply as we journeyed around Northern India. Jane manages to mix sightseeing with soul, wonderful yoga classes and yoga and supportive workshops in exotic locations. I loved the high level of smooth organisation - all the interest and fun without the headaches. Jane's personal connections in India and her knowledge of the culture, food and holy places made my journey a joy.  Retired Teacher


Since I was a child, I just knew I had to see the Taj Mahal! Jane's local knowledge and personal connections transformed the trip from ordinary into extraordinary. I loved how organised everything was, I just booked myself on the trip and didn't worry about anything! A tour with an experienced organiser like Jane has so many benefits. The yoga classes and workshops were perfectly timed and every class was tailored to suit beginners to regular yogi's. I recommend a Flourish Yoga Tour - you can relax and truly absorb all the experiences because Jane ensures everything is taken care of. This is how travel should be - I've booked in for the next one!  Business Owner

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