Passport and visa

You need to apply and pay for your Indian visa. Your passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India. If valid for less than six months you will be refused entry. 
There is a convenient 30 DAY online E-Tourist visa. Australian citizens are are eligible for the India eVisa, you can apply for the permit online, there's no need to attend an embassy or consulate.
Do I need travel insurance?
  YES! We require that your policy covers medical expenses including emergency repatriation and trip cancellation, this may cover cancellation penalties if YOU unexpectedly have to cancel your trip due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances.
We require a copy of your travel insurance as soon as possible.


What vaccines do I need?

See your doctor around six weeks before you travel for the best advice on what you need. Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid vaccines are recommended. Make sure your Tetanus vaccine is up to date.
Should I take malaria medicine?
Discuss this with your doctor. Use common sense approaches to prevent bites, including long sleeves/pants at dawn/dusk and mosquito repellant. 
What about money? Credit cards? Will there be ATMs?
Indian currency is the Rupee. Once you arrive in India we'll help you get the best exchange rate for your cash (you'll get a low rate at the airport). 
There are ATMs at every destination. You can use credit cards for large purchases such as furniture, carpets, jewellery, etc. 
Alert your bank that you will be traveling so they don’t block your card when they see it being used overseas.
What’s the accommodation like?
We choose our hotels based on cleanliness, location, character, safety and the good relationships we have with owners and staff. Your hotel rooms have air-conditioning and ensuite western style bathrooms. Staying in Indian hotels is a great way to experience the culture and Indias unique facets and quirks. A little patience might occasionally be needed for hot water and wifi. All our hotels have a doctor on call.
Laundry Service
All our hotels offer a laundry service, however, we suggest you hand wash delicate items.
Hair Dryers and ironing
All our hotels have hair dryers.
And there's always an iron or pressing service available. 
Don't worry if your Indian history and geography is not up to date... you will have your own folder of Fact Sheets with an overview of each place we visit and the points of interest. 

Do I have to stay with the group or can I venture out on my own?

There's a lot to see and do in a short time. We schedule in some free time for relaxing or exploring on your own. 
YOGA! What if I'm new to yoga, can I still come?
 YES! The yoga sessions are optional but highly recommended.
Previous guests found the gentle stretches and inward reflection to be the perfect balance to the hustle and bustle of India. If you can breathe - you can practice yoga! A flexible body is not a requirement - anyone can join in.
What about food, I’m not sure if I like Indian food?
Not all Indian food is spicy. We will explain the local foods and delicacies. We recommend and encourage you to choose a vegetarian diet for the duration of the tour. Most restaurants serve Western food - everything from pizza to fries and pasta. We will help and advise you if you have food allergies and/or intolerances.
Vegetarians will have a huge choice. Gluten is avoidable in India.


How many people are going?
A minimum of 10 guests are required in order for the tour to go ahead. We will take up to 16 guests in total. 
What shall I pack? 
About six weeks before departure you'll receive a suggested packing list and lots of helpful info to ensure you are well informed.  
None of our hotels allow smoking in the rooms.
It is not permitted during group meals and activities.