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7 - 22 January 2023

South India is a mystical and magnificent destination that combines fascinating cultures, bright colours and beautiful landscapes, also a food lovers paradise! From spirituality to wildlife, activity to relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in South India. Explore lush tea plantations and ancient holy sites. Marvel at amazing temples and golden coastlines, bustling markets and mist-hidden hill stations.

You will find the most warm, friendly and hospitable people you will ever meet. 

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JAN 7 - Day 1.  Arrive MUMBAI  Namaste and a warm welcome to India! 

We meet you at the airport and settle you in to your hotel

JAN 8 - Day 2.  MUMBAI - the commercial capital of India, a colourful blend of culture, customs, and lifestyle. India's most cosmopolitan city, a financial powerhouse and the nerve centre of India’s film and fashion industry. Home to the most millionaires and billionaires in the country. Our day tour includes famous landmarks such as The Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the biggest wholesale market in the city and amazing views from Marine Drive

JAN 9 - Day 3.  MUMBAI to HAMPI - the New York Times’ listed Hampi number two of 52 must-go sites in the world! The magical world of Hampi has 1,000 finely crafted temples and monuments over a 4,100 hectare site. We travel by plane and private coach.
JAN 10 - Day 4.  HAMPI - the stories of glory, art, culture, history, and mythology about this once flourishing civilisation are mind blowing

JAN 11 - Day 5.  Overnight train HAMPI to MYSORE - with its fascinating history, cultural heritage, majestic monuments, colourful markets, and delicious local cuisine Mysore will amaze you
JAN 12 - Day 6. MYSORE - the intricate craftsmanship and architectural brilliance of Mysore Palace, make it a masterpiece. In the evening, it’s illuminated by 98,000 light bulbs… a spectacular sight that will stay in your mind forever
JAN 13 - Day 7.  MYSORE to COIMBATORE - we travel by road to the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore has ancient temples, breathtaking mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and great food. We visit the headquarters of the ISHA YOGA CENTRE founded by Sadhguru
JAN 14 - Day 8.  COIMBATORE - is also home to a massive 34-metre-tall statue of Lord Shiva, known as the Adiyogi Shiva Statue. Featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, this architectural masterpiece stands as a symbol of self-transformation and inner peace

JAN 15 - Day 9. COIMBATORE to MUNNAR - we drive around four hours today, to the most visited tourist destination in Kerala, the largest tea-growing region and one of the best hill stations in South India

JAN 16 - Day 10.   MUNNAR - today we'll explore more of this quaint town and tea plantations. At an altitude of over 1,823 metres, Munnar was once the summer resort of the British during colonial times

JAN 17 - Day 11.  MUNNAR to MADURAI - the heartbeat of Madurai is the spectacular Meenakshi Temple, one of the most famous and architecturally brilliant temples in South India. The huge temple complex spans 15 acres. A constant stream of couples visit the temple for the purpose of marriage. A four hour drive

JAN 18 - Day 12.  MADURAI to PUDUCHERRY - we journey around 4 hours by train today, sit back enjoy the views 
JAN 19 - Day 13.  PUDUCHERRY and AUROVILLE - not far from the beaches and pretty French colonies of Puducherry is the experimental community of Auroville. Founded in 1968, a population of 2,500 people from all over the world live here in harmony. The concept of Auroville was supported by the Indian Government and UNESCO

JAN 20 - Day 14.  AUROVILLE - residents have their own currency and receive free healthcare and electricity.
Any money earned contributes to the towns upkeep. One can volunteer, intern or study in Auroville
JAN 21 - Day 15.  CHENNAI via MAHABALIPURAM - today we drive up the coast to Chennai via Mahabalipuram, an ancient port town known for its stone carvings and stone temples. We'll stay near the airport in Chennai, enjoy a last night out before our departures tomorrow
JAN 22 - Day 16.  Fly home from CHENNAI - say farewell to India as you return to your corner of the world, heart full, feeling richer with a new perspective on life... where will we meet again? 
OR... should you wish to stay on in India, we can help you with further travel arrangements
NOTE: We will visit these cities - however the order may change. 
Our itinerary is well planned but sometimes we need to ‘go with the flow’, such is the nature of travel in India

THIS IS SIGHT SEEING WITH SOUL! I loved the high level of smooth organisation - all the fun, all the interest, with none of the headaches!    HELEN